Here is our list compiled with a few questions we get asked over and over.


So, are you a food or merchandise vendor?

Technically, we are both! We sell the stainless steel mugs and provide unlimited beverage refills from our trailers.


How durable is your product?

We don't sell flimsy tin cans. Our products are made from 100% stainless steel. They are also FDA approved and dishwasher safe.


Will your product hurt our event's bottle sales?

No, we haven't impacted bottle sales at previous events. It is a different market for a souvenir event mug!


What if we have a sponsorship with a major beverage brand?

Each of our trailers come equipped to provide Coke, Pepsi and/or Jones Soda brand beverages.

Are you equipped to handle a large event?

Yes, our trailers are capable of doing any size event, big or small. If it is a bigger event, we will have multiple trailers to provide adequate service to your customers.

How does your product impact the environment?

Think about sustainability. Less plastic bottles, less cups, less lids, less straw wrappers, less waste.


What if we can't allow the event logo on your mug?

No problem! We have other options including blank mugs, colored mugs and a variety of mugs with funny sayings and pictures.